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Pilot on Counselling

A virtual session on ‘Pilot on Counselling’ for Kerala PIAs was conducted by Training and Development division of NIRDPR from 15 to 19 December 2020. The session aimed at providing tools, techniques and methods to guide and counsel the DDU-GKY candidates during mobilization process.

Session was conducted in 5 days in the following topics with the support of different resource persons.

Unit 1: Background and Context of career guidance and counselling in DDU-GKY

Unit 2: Nature and Scope of Guidance and Counselling

Unit 3: Basic Counselling Skill Process & Approaches

Unit 4: Guidance Approaches in different phases of DDU-GKY

Unit 5: Counselling Special Groups

Unit 6: Techniques for Counselling

Unit 7: Counselling Data Management

25 participants from different PIAs registered for the session and out of that, 20 participants attended the session for 5 days.

Aswin Ramachandran
Author: Aswin Ramachandran

Project Officer (M&E), DDU-GKY, NIRD&PR

Aswin Ramachandran
Project Officer (M&E), DDU-GKY, NIRD&PR