Innovations in Rural Skilling

A new learning avenue-Kaushal Aapti training for the DDU-GKY stakeholders of Tamilnadu

Yet another exceptional output of the DDU-GKY team integration is the Kaushal Aapti application The App basically has its inbuilt features incorporated and follows a scientific process of allotting courses to candidates by understanding the aptitude of the candidates. This is to ensure that the candidates get skilled and placed in a role that suits their interests and competency.

To educate the DDU-GKY Stakeholders about the Kaushal Aapti for its onboarding in the state of Tamilnadu, a training program was conducted in coordination with the training division of NIRD&PR.Mr. Nithin Rao, Assistant Director,Training division led the training which was scheduled on the dates of 29th & 30th September 2022. There was immense participation from the district officials and the PIAs. The usage of the app (both web and mobile) was practically demonstrated. 

The COO of TNSRLM highlighted the importance of implementing the app in the state. The training program added to the knowledge of the stakeholders about the application and also facilitated its execution in the state.





Author: APARNA T P