Innovations in Rural Skilling

OJT verification of DDUGKY candidates from Assam

  • NIRDPR, NERC CTSA team had conducted OJT verification of candidates from M/s Markazul Maarif (P3) who are undergoing OJT in HAMM Hospital in Hojai district of Assam. Total 53 candidates are under OJT in HAMM Hospital from Bedside Assistant batch 6 and 7. These 53 candidates have joined the OJT on 11.02.2020 and they will be completing on 11.03.2020. The candidates have been provided accomodation in the training centre and bus has been provided for dropping and pick up. We had interacted with some of the candidates and received a positive feedback. After completing their OJT the candidates will be offered Job in different Hospitals located in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore. All the candidates we had interacted are satisfied with the OJT and they are ready to work outside the State after complete their OJT. The HR from HAMM Hospital has also shared positive feedback on DDUGKY candidates. They are very satisfied with the performance of DDUGKY candidates from Markazul Maarif.

Viola Goswami
Author: Viola Goswami